Helena Brennan

Artist Potter Specialising in Hand Thrown Porcelain

St.Patrick’s Weekend Teapot Making at Helena’s Studio near AVOCA


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On Thursday 15th of March 2012 and Friday 16th and Monday 19th there will be a demonstration of porcelain teapot throwing, assembling, glazing and firing at Hazel Cottage studio. 9.30AM-4.30PM

Cost €250.00……Phone to book 0402 35225 & 0863997498 or Email: studio@helenabrennan.com

THURSDAY: making

FRIDAY: assembling & packing and biscuit  firing

MONDAY: glazing and gas firing

Thursday AGENDA

9.30 coffee and introductions

10.00 porcelain tea-pot throwing by Helena

11.30 you have a go

12.30 soup

2.00 Helena  assembling pre-thrown teapots

3. 00 looking at and discussing Helena’s collection of pots

4.30 Tidy up