Helena Brennan

Artist Potter Specialising in Hand Thrown Porcelain


To my mind the most satisfying utensils are the tea services by Walter Gropius and a most marvellous large teapot made by Helena Brennan… as a member of my family has a similar one, I know it pours beautifully.

Ciaran MacGonigal, reviewing a teapot exhibition at Crafts Council HQ, (Irish Times, 1990)

For the Japanese potter,porcelain vases are supreme works of aesthetic creation, objects of contemplation, spiritual entities. The ceramics of Helena Brennan belong to that traditional practice of the potter which can vary from clearly useful stoneware to highly refined porcelain. There are works of art in themselves.

Professor John Turpin, NCAD, (Ceramics Ireland magazine, Dec. 1997)

You can download a PDF list of my major exhibitions HERE.